Chapter History

The deplorable condition of bridges in 1978 led to the formation of the Western New York Chapter, which became the second chapter to formally organize on May 26 and June 2, 1978. The founding members met at the Williamsville Inn, where officers were elected, bylaws were adopted, and "dinner meetings" became the norm. The early association focused on promoting the need for additional bridge funding, and pushed hard for the successful passage of the Surface Transportation Bill of 1978 (the Howard Bill).


During the years that followed, the ABCD focused on becoming an organization dedicated to education in all facets of the bridge industry. Contractors, Government Agencies, Educators, Suppliers, Consultants - all could find a place for their cause within the organization. Events such as the annual Kenneth Rybarczyk Bridge Contest, Spring and Fall Conferences, regular Technical Education Seminars, Monthly Dinner Meetings, the Annual Bridge Award, Scholarship Golf Tournament and Award, Joint Association Meetings, participation in Engineer's Week and Mall Day, Support for the local university Steel Bridge Teams, E3 Fair, Future Cities participation, support for BEAM, and our continued support of the Statewide Conference on Local Bridges in Syracuse are all part of the association's yearly activities. Today, ABCD WNY boasts a membership of 200 plus, and is as active as ever. Our goal remains to increase recognition of our industry, promote fellowship among members, and provide the very best in educational opportunities for all involved in bridges.


Bridges continue to close the gap on our nation's highway system!