Our Mission


It is our Mission to further educate bridge designers, constructors, Federal, State, local officials, and the general public in the vital role of bridges in our society. To improve and encourage the science of bridge design, construction, maintenance, and reconstruction by providing a forum for members to exchange and develop new ideas and techniques. To provide technical information and assistance to various public and private authorities for bridge programs. And to further educate and encourage public and private authorities in new and improved techniques for testing and reconstruction of bridge structures to promote the public welfare.



Our goal is to bring together all individuals whose professions concern bridges, including:



  • Owners 

  • Maintainers

  • Constructors

  • Material Suppliers

  • Designers

  • Educators

  • And anyone interested in a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on bridges 

Upcoming Dates and Events


Fall Bridge Conference: November 13th